What is Virgin Coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil, is an edible and highly nutritious oil extracted from mature coconuts under low temperatures.The difference between ordinary coconut oil and coconut oil can be explained using three distinct points.

Extraction method

Ordinary coconut oil is extracted from coconut copra ie: dried coconuts, with a low moisture content while virgin coconut oil comes from fresh coconuts, where processes such as churning and cooling and enzyme action is used to remove moisture.


Taste, quality and fragrance of virgin coconut oil is contributed by the presence of vitamins and minerals than Ordinary Coconut oil. Furthermore, it is rich in good cholesterol and trans fatty acids and antioxidants.


Virgin coconut oil is typically as clear as water due to its extraction process while Ordinary coconut oil has a distinctive color according to different ways of extraction.

ISO 22000:2005 Certified factory

Our production has been thoroughly monitored and processed according to ISO 222000 quality standards.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Reduces Cardio Vascular Diseases.
  • Lowers Cholesterol due to high lauric acids content causing an increase in HDL levels.
  • The main importance of virgin coconut oil is the presence of a saturated fat called Lauric acid, which is used for treating viral infections such as influenza, Swine        flu and many more.
  • A treatment for gastrointestinal malabsorption diseases.
  • Good for skin as it provides
  • Helps loose weight as the Medium Chained Triglycerides are not stored as fat but rather converted to energy by the liver.
  • Brain nourishment to increase cognitive functioning.
  • Controls blood sugar by improving insulin secretion.
Why we love producing Virgin Coconut Oil

We take utmost privilege in providing healthy organic and high quality oil to consumers. Virgin Coconut Oil is very beneficial to people of all ages. Due to its amazing health benefits such as its antibacterial quality and the role it plays in CVDs we provide carefully produced Virgin Coconut oil. Our selection of Organic coconuts in the production process gives the Virgin Coconut oil its superior quality, which we have succeeded in maintaining to this date.

Gunasiri Virgin Coconut Oil is used as body butter in cosmetic product such as creams and lotions, as an immediate first-aid as well as used in pharmaceutical industry to produce drugs. Gunasiri Virgin Coconut oil has reached to global market places such as USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Japan.


  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Moisture& other matter volatile at 105�
  • Free Fatty Acids
  • Iodine Value
  • Salmonella spp
  • Color (25mm cell on Lovibond color scale)
  • Zinc as Zn


  • Free from off flavor
  • No stale and free from other foreignsmell
  • 0.08%
  • 0.04%
  • 7.0
  • in 25gAbsent
  • 0.8
  • 2.3mg/kg

Coconut Flour

This is a by product from the virgin oil process. This by product comes in the form of coconut cake when virgin oil is cold expelled. The flour is grinded into finer flour-like particles, which are used to make coconut-flavored biscuit and to flavor cereal. So far our coconut flour has reached Industrial Markets in Australia.