Gunasiri Exports (Pvt) Ltd

Manufactures of Coir Mattress fiber bales, Coir Mix fiber bales and Coco peat

Started first in 1956 as coir fiber manufacture, Gunasiri Fiber Mills evolved into Gunasiri Exports (Pvt) Ltd by the year 1996 as an Exporterof Coconut Fiber bales,. Since then Gunasiri Exports (Pvt) Ltd has achieved its success over the years through return customer sales from Europe markets.

Quality is our number one priority; this makes us stand ahead in the Sri Lankan fiber baler industry and in the European export markets. Our strict fiber cleaning practiceis been followed since 1996 and it has won many hearts in the international market. We believe clean fiber bales helps our buyers to reduce their own cleaning time and cost.

Bale Production certified andmonitored under Good Manufacturing Process (GMP- SLS1493:2014) standard.

Hand Cleaned Baled fiber


GMP SLS14932/2014 Certified Factory



  • Quality
  • Color
  • Moisture
  • Size
  • Weight


  • Clean Fiber with less than 2% impurities.
  • Golden Brown / brown
  • Dry Fiber with less than 10% moisture level.
  • Height of bale 37 inches x Top width of bale 20 inches x side of bale width 33 inches.
  • A single bale weights 156kg (158kg with yellow straps)