About Us

We are producers of coconut products since 1984, with utmost love and care to all over customers. We believe that coconut oil is a main source of nutrition to people of all ages starting from, mere ages of 1 year to all elderly.

We are a company found in 1956 by Mr. Hewagama Liyanage Gunadasa. First started as a fiber and Rice mill with few employees, the organisation grew from Fiber milling to a specialized manufacture of coconut oil in Sri Lanka.

The Gunasiri Oil Mills & Refineries found by Mr. H.L. Ariyapala (son) in 1984, took the new subsidiary to high growth by increasing capacities to the production capability of Coconut Oil to a maximum of 20 Tons a day. Customers being major companies such as Leo Brothers Pvt ltd and British Ceylon Corporation.

Gunasiri Export (Pvt) ltd is another subsidiary under the name of Gunasiri found in the year 1994, which specializes in bailing Fiber, which has reached to global markets.

Gunasiri Metal Crushers is another subsidiary trading crushed stone materials to the Sri Lankan local markets. In the year 2005 the start of Virgin Coconut oil manufacturing created the organisation to move forward in the coconut oil industry.The 15 years of specializing in Coconut Virgin oil Manufacturing has brought a superior quality coconut virgin oil product which has given us a core strength in the market, which our customers have been fond for years. Our ambition of nourishing the globe with the goodness of coconut oil has helped us to move forward as an organisation under the name GUNASIRI. Our vision has led us to improve our product qualities in the coconut industry while motivating to attract new coconut related products into our product range.

  • 1956- Gunasiri Rice Mills
  • 1956- Gunasiri Fiber Mills
  • 1984- Gunasiri Oil Mills and Refineries: Supplies to major companies such as Leo Brothers Pvt Ltd, British Ceylon Corporation (BCC),      Samarasinghe Exports, C.W Mackie Exports, Sri Krishna Exports.
  • 1994- Gunasiri Exports (Pvt) Ltd: Enters supplying Fiber bail to German Markets.
  • 2005- Gunasiri Oil Mills registers VCO into the product range
  • 2005- Gunasiri Metal Crushers opens business.
  • 2016- Virgin Coconut Oil department awarded with ISO 22000 quality standard certifications.